Deep learning algorithms,--

Unique in the field of key intelligent programming industry, the first application of deep learning algorithms is based on big data training, and the highly generalized general intelligent model supports self-training, expanding detectable defect types solder points-key search, to achieve rapid programming and run the plate making process , Easy to master intelligent programming, automatically recognize barcodes, quickly query production statistics, comprehensive and detailed, compatible with multiple methods, support remote debugging, mixed board production, online detection

1. Deep learning algorithm, the first domestic industrial application general intelligent model, based on big data training            

2. One-click export of data, statistical reports fully and automatically read barcodes, and data docking with M ES system

3. Realize one-key programming, greatly reduce the operating time 3 programming methods: remote, offline, online        


4. Practical training tool, equipment self-learning evolution for Industry 4.0, centralized management reduces staff