ICT/FCT test system

ICT/FCT test system


Versatility: According to the requirements of flexible combination of construction, to add new products only need to replace the test fixtures and procedures

Extensibility: support hardware expansion, support software secondary development

Reliability: Integrated rack, core components of well-known brands

Ease of use: Industrial grade build, man-machine interface is easy to operate, easy to maintain

Economical: Automatic judgment, low test cost, and can save people or unmanned test

The main function

Real-time monitoring: strictly monitor the quality stability during the production process                        

Non-conforming product analysis: analyze the causes of non-conforming products, allowing you to quickly find the source of the problem   

Quality prediction: timely prediction of potential quality risks in the production process                        

Alarm function: set quality control indicators in the production process, can automatically analyze and predict, abnormal alarm

Employee training and qualification management: training and skill qualifications for management operations staff              

Report function: automatically generate reports, and send the quality problems that occur by email or SMS according to the settings